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Yet Another Crash In Papua


Like a lot of things it seems, aircraft crashes seem to come in 3’s and in the space of 2 weeks there has been some serious aviation carnage.

2 days ago the Mimika Air Pilatus Porter crashed into the side of a ridge while flying enroute Illaga to Mulia. The aircraft has impacted terrain at 11,400 feet with 11 people on board. Search and rescue efforts were hampered by the weather conditions but today 3 flights went into Illaga to take the relatives of the dead to the site.

Mimika Air Pilatus Porter

Mimika Air Pilatus Porter

The image above shows the aircraft in question, it was fairly new, about 6 months old and had been purchased new from the factory in Switzerland. Perfectly serviceable aircraft do not fly into terrain, people fly them into terrain. It seems a lot of people switch off when they are in IMC (cloud), they follow the pink line on the GPS and don’t give any consideration to the terrain that the cloud is hiding.


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