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A couple of days ago our base had a visit from a Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) ala Indonesian CAA (Civil Aviation Autority)  inspector. He had come down to do flight checks with us and inspect the operation, overall a very nice guy.

Papua is of course on the ‘radar’ at the moment with recent events, as it should be and there seems to be some interest in our operation as ‘touch wood’ we haven’t had an accident. While I still stand by my observation that aviation safety in Indonesia and regulatory oversight are nothing short of atrocious, it is always promising to see some effort made.

The DGCA inspector was saying that CASA (Australian CAA) have given the Indonesian Government $25 million to help with Aviaiton Safety. Here’s hoping it all gets accounted for but sadly I won’t hold my breath. Our kind DGCA inspector man was on a cheifly monthly salary of $US200 a month! Unsuprisingly he also had to have a ‘day job’ in his case flying for a private operator. Big red flag this, this is why corruption is so endemic in Indonesia – if people cannot afford to support the basic needs of their family then they will do what they can to get by.

There is of course the conflict of interest problem, having a second job in the industry you are inspecting is not particulary good but our kind DGCA inspector was going to be checking out a branch of his company from his ‘other job’ after us. Tidak bagus!

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