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Dental Care Revisited


As I mentioned in Dental Care in Papua I had been experiencing a nagging pain in one of my molars. Bob did an excellent job but wanted me to see a dentist he knew of in Jakarta. Unfortunately it worked out that there was some sort of symposium that the dentist was attending while I was in Jakarta so I had to make alternative arrangements.

I have a clinic card for the International SOS medical centre in Cipete, South Jakarta. Seeing that its not to far from where I stay in Jakarta I thought I may as well go along and get the Dentist there to check it out. Jakarta being like it is my taxi arrived too late for the first appointment so I managed to re-book for later that afternoon.

After a slight delay I was called in to the see the Dentist and she went through and did an examination. I gave her the x-ray that Bob had done which she did have a look at but didn’t see much. After a bit of a look around she said that it seemed fine, even though there is a small crack. She then asked when I last had a cleaning – 18 I think at the end of free dental care in NZ. So I got a cleaning done for Rp593,000 (NZ$91) which I guess was well overdue.

So now I am back at work in Papua and yesterday I decided to have a peanut butter sandwich, unfortunately for me its chunky peanut butter and it ended up chipping a decent part of said chipped tooth off. Thankfully there isn’t much pain – yet.

This tour in Papua should be a reasonably short one as I am nearly finished captaincy training. So hopefully the tooth can hold out until I can next get to Jakarta. However, this time I will try and get to the dentist that Bob recommended.

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