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Checked To Line


Since moving back up to Medan, North Sumatra I have been doing Line Training covering the routes flown here and also the operating differences with our G1000 Caravan’s. Yesterday after having covered everything I was scheduled to fly with a First Officer who I joined the company with while the Training Captain sat behind for my Check to Line.

This was a 2 sector flight on one of the shorter Medan routes where I was flying pilot flying there and pilot monitoring back. Being short sectors it meant no stuffing around and required me to be on the ball with all procedures, especially with the Garmin G1000 avionics.

It was my lucky day as it turns out as the weather was very nice and there was very little cross-wind which is very common at our destination, Silangit. Silangit is at the southern edge of Lake Toba and at an elevation of 4400 feet, this area is a very picturesque part of Indonesia.

After landing the First Officer filed a flight plan and the Ground Staff dealt with baggage and passengers giving me a quick chance for a breather and then it was boarding time. This being the First Officer’s leg I lined up on the runway and then handed over control to him. As pilot monitoring it would be up to me to set all modes called for by the First Officer and manipulate the Multi-function display (MFD – centre screen). I am now staring to get pretty comfortable with the G1000, its a massive change over ‘legacy’ instrumentation but its a huge step forward.

The First Officer did a very nice landing back in Medan and as we slowed down through 40 knots I took control to taxi us into our parking stand. After shutdown and the passengers disembarking the Training Captain said congratulations I was now checked to line as a captain.

What a relief!

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