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All Quiet On The Western Front

Approaching Simuelue

Approaching Simuelue

Its been reasonably busy lately, I have been doing a decent amount of flying which is fantastic. Right now I am on a few days off and will be back at work on Sunday. Very little to report really which I guess makes this post rather redundant.

I have moved into a new room in our company housing which is nice, this one has a window! Most of the houses in the compound are built side-by-side with abutting concrete walls and so the only windows are at the front. I am now in a room on the 3rd level which has windows on 2 sides – brilliant! I even get to hear the rain on the roof which is nice and there was as there often is a nice electrical storm last night.

I am not doing much this break as I have booked my tickets, flights and hotel for the Singapore Grand Prix which is being held on the 25th to 27th of September. I have booked a 3 day walkabout pass which is only S$188. At this stage there are quite a few company pilots who are going to go so it should be a good weekend, even if its not going to herald the return of the mighty Schumacher.

Singapore Grand Prix Night Circuit

Singapore Grand Prix Night Circuit

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