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Dengue Fever


Fortunately for the last 16 months I have managed to avoid contracting any nasty tropical disease but unfortunately as of yesterday my number is up.

Yesterday afternoon I went to one of the more reputable hospitals in Medan because I was experiencing fever, muscular and organ pain and a particularly severe headache. The GP did a quick workup and found my temperature to be a whopping 40°C – no wonder my Kidney’s felt like they were roasting!

The GP ordered a blood test which was done reasonably promptly and then it was a reasonably unbearable wait of about 2 hours for the results. After a while the Nurse could see I was in quite some pain still so asked if I wanted to lie down on a Triage bed while I waited. That helped a bit and then after what seemed like quite a while the GP was ready to see me to discuss my results.

My white blood cell count was found to be 0.4 below the lower limit but the platelet count while low was still within the normal range. At the bottom of the results she pointed out that I had tested positive for Dengue Fever. I could go home as long as I kept up water intake and used Panadol to control the fever. However I have to go back today and have another blood test to check the platelet level, if it has fallen below 100,000 then I will need to be admitted and put on an IV.

Oh bother!

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