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Last time I posted about getting diagnosed with Dengue Fever. Well the day after I wrote that post I ended up in Hospital. I had been in earlier in the day for another blood test and my platelet level hadn’t quite dropped to 100,000 so I was allowed to go home.

Once I got home I went straight to bed after putting on a hoodie and long pants and sent some mates to get me more water from the shop. A couple of hours later I really wasn’t feeling good at all so I rang the guys downstairs to say I needed to go to the hospital. They came up to help me down with my hospital bag and we waited for a taxi to arrive.

In Indonesia ambulances are not the same as back home, they are generally just a transport vehicle and do not have trained staff or equipment on board. So taxi it was to the A&E at Gleni International Hospital.

At A&E they took some more blood and promptly plugged in an IV line. A room was organised and I was wheeled up to the 7th floor.

It turns out I had a pretty bad case and even though I was chugging through the IV bags and on a few medications my platelet levels continued to drop. At the lowest it got to 47,000 and it was fingers crossed it didn’t drop any lower because once it hits 20,000 you need to have a platelet transfusion.

The blood test results on day 5 of my hospital stay started showing improvement with my platelet count going up to 67,000 and the white blood cell count coming up. The doctor said he was happy to discharge me. Yippee! Our assistant base manager came to sort out the final bill and the driver was waiting downstairs to take me home. I had to return the following day to have another blood test which was now showing a platelet level above 100,000.

Looks and tastes sweet but sitting at the bottom were beans!

Looks and tastes sweet but sitting at the bottom were beans!

It’s really only in the last week and a half that I have started to feel a bit more normal. Following discharge from the hospital I remained on sick leave. I had chronic fatigue and sharp muscle and joint pains for quite a while as well as blood discolouration in my feet. Even now I small rash patches.

I had previously booked tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix which was on the weekend on the 27th of September. I decided not to forgo that and use it as a test of my fitness for the real world. I survived and on my return let the base manager know I could return to work.

I really hope I don’t get Dengue again, it was no walk in the park that’s for sure.

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