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Birthday Treat


Nokia E71 in Black Steel

Recently my not even 12 month old Nokia 5000 decided that a functional screen was an irrelevance. It’s a great phone, incredibly slim and reasonably cheap but Nokia’s cheaper models in recent times have suffered in terms of quality. Earlier in the year the liquid crystals in the screen died in the lower half forcing me to get a new screen which was nearly half the cost of the phone itself. Having essentially died again I decided it was time to get a new phone.

Seeing as my quarter century milestone was fast approaching I decided to splash out and join the smartphone crowd. I have long since coveted a decent smartphone. The primary reason being the ability to run an excel spreadsheet to determine the weight and balance of aircraft at work.

During downtime in Papua earlier this year I did some research for the Base Manager on the best smartphone available and my determination based on what he was looking for came down to the Nokia E71. Many months down the track it still appears to be up there as one of the best. A new model is in the throes of being launch, the E72 with a better camera and a few other improvements. However, when I went in to have a look the E72 wasn’t being launched in Indonesia until mid-December and would costRp4,900,000 (NZ$697). The E71 was only Rp3,500,000 (NZ$498) and so I was sold and am now the owner of a Black Steel E71 as pictured above.

It really is a quality phone, the entire casing is metal giving it a very solid feel. The qwerty keyboard is very reasonable and makes txting easier. It has WIFI access and with Opera Mini it’s great for web-browsing and with Nokia Messaging I can have my email pushed to the phone. It even has an A-GPS sensor so with Google Maps I can see where the hell the taxi driver is taking me and it means I can actually start to learn the names of the roads in the city I live in! Also with all the connectivity I can access aviation weather at work which is great given how difficult it can be to get weather information at times.

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  1. Andrea permalink
    18/11/2009 10:52

    Hi Kurt,

    I apologize for intruding; But I need to ask you a question My Fiance is thinking of applying for a job there. I was just wondering if the Pilots were allowed to have their wives or fiances living with them?

    I would really appreciate it if you could answer my question. Because on the information sheet it says ” No Girls allowed”.

    Thanks heaps



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