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Well it’s been a while since I last posted. I can’t even say I have been particularly busy either so I guess it is just general laziness.

Since my last post on the Hong Kong and Macau trip I have been to Bangkok for a nearly two-week break. That was a good chance to recharge as I was by myself and stayed in a really nice 4-star hotel in the middle of Bangkok. At some stage, possibly when the internet allows I will post a bit about that trip with some photos.

Work has been good, I have been undergoing mountain upgrade training in our Sentani base. But unfortunately due to not always having enough pilots and training captains it has been going a bit slowly. Still getting in plenty of flying to the places I am checked into and it has been enough to push me through to 2000 hours flying time as of today.

I did say I would wirte a post on flying soon, I guess I will save that for once I am fully checked to line on our main mountain routes.

In the meantime I am counting down to a trip to New Zealand for a couple off weeks. Departing Papua on Sunday I first have to renew my Indonesian pilot medical, always a pleasure every 6 months (not!) and then re-currency at our company training base before departing Jakarta with Qantas.

My last flights with Qantas were less than satisfactory (so civilised I am) and I would much rather fly with Singapore Airlines. But I decided that the US$500 difference between ticket prices was enough for me to give Qantas another chance. Not that they really seem to want customers. Just trying to book and get tickets issued with them is a performance. I swear I find Garuda Indonesia far more pleasant than Qantas but we shall see in a couple of weeks time.

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