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The Nightmare


Without a doubt and I am sure I have alluded to it on more than one occasion in this blog – Papua is the most dangerous flying environment in the world. It’s not just something one might say to blow smoke up one’s ass, so to speak, it is a simple reality of the flying environment, one that has been forged with the death of all too many people.

That reality hit home all too suddenly recently when I had just returned from a really great holiday with a couple of mates and the absolute worst happened – a missing aircraft. From that moment on and up to now the days really have been just a hideous blur.

We lost two great colleagues, one of which I feel very privileged to call a mate. There is much to be learned and I am very much involved in that process but nothing will ever be the same in so many respects. In order to do justice to our lost colleagues much will change, it has to, and for the better. I know that I won’t rest until we have answers and learn from them.

Life will carry on but we will never forget.

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  1. BillyB permalink
    30/11/2012 00:13

    Hi, how can I contact you. I am looking for some information on aviation practices in Papua New Guinee. Kind regards, Billy.

    • kiwikurt permalink*
      02/12/2012 14:31

      Hi, I am in the Indonesian province of Papua, not Papua New Guinea.

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